As with length of time to get a divorce, the cost to obtain a divorce depends on the process chosen to resolve the issues.  While litigation is the slowest way to obtain a divorce and property settlement, it is also the most costly. Motions court, trials, and competing experts require a great deal of attorney preparation, which will consequently drive up your cost. You still have attorney fees with a collaborative divorce, but because you and your spouse share the goal of reaching a resolution, you voluntarily share documents instead of paying your attorney to compel the other side to provide information. Instead of each of you paying for an expert such as a real estate appraiser, you agree on an expert and share the fee. Mediation will likely be less costly than either litigation or collaborative divorce since you split the cost of the mediator’s fees, and even if you consult separately with an attorney, the attorney’s involvement is typically limited. Of course, please keep in mind that you should not choose your process based on the cost. It’s important to pick an option that is right for you and your particular situation.